Project Description


My current practise lies in sensory design – designing spaces that engage the senses. At present I am working with a visual artist to create a series of ‘fine art’ perfumes for an exhibition in the spring. My interest is in the ability of the invisible dimension of aroma to strengthen the visual experience. In my quest to extend my ability in creating ‘scents’ I have explored blending predominantly natural olfactory materials – oils, resins, natural isolates… With this knowledge I have developed a range of perfumes for the body, and for spaces.


I make limited editions of eau de perfumes, perfumes for clothes – with anti-moth properties – and scents for spaces. I also am making a series of models of typical London terraced housing. Prices for the perfumes range from £20 to £25 and the models start at £100.


My website has details of the products that I sell. Visitors are welcome to visit the studio in Clements Yard by appointment, where you can sample and buy the perfumes and the models.  →