Project Description


I am a wood carver, gilder and lettering artist, and I also undertake restoration work on carved and gilded objects. I take on a wide variety of carving work, from ornamental woodcarvings in various of historic styles to more sculptural work, often newly designed to clients’ requests. Gilding work ranges from traditional gilding on furniture, carved objects and monuments, to interiors of private homes and artworks such as bronze sculptures and painted canvases, and occasionally more unusual objects such as the skeleton of a fossilised mammal. Lettering design and letter carving in wood is another important aspect of my practice, and lettering work can range from boat nameplates to larger pieces such as commemorative plaques. 

My previous background of fine art sculpture and violin-making both inform my current work in an aesthetic and conceptual way as well as in the practice of working with wood. 


Most of my work is made to commission, but I also have a selection of decorative carvings, sculptures and objects in wood and bronze, as well as drawings in ink and graphite.

Prices from £20–£1500


Lettering work on a commemorative plaque in the Sackler Library at the City & Guilds of London Art School, restoration carving work on the Dacre Monument in Chelsea Old Church (replacement alabaster wings at the top of the monument). Please visit for further examples of my work.  →